The Producers

Cast List

Max - Paul Rogers
Leo - Sam Gregory
Franz - Mark Barton-Leigh
Roger - Bryan Newman
Carmen - Ryan Saunders
Ulla - Caryn Morant

Girl 1 - Kim Wren
Girl 2 - Lucy Baldwin
Girl 3 - Natalie Baker
Girl 4 - Clare Earwood
Girl 5 - Annemarie Parsons
Girl 6 - Rachel Peel
Girl 7 - Jo Marston
Girl 8 - Kelly Avis
Girl 9 - Kerry Redding
Girl 10 - Rachel Jones
Girl 11 - Sarah Grist
Girl 12 - Kate Pearson
Girl 13 - Claire Meehan
Girl 14 - Jacqui Burch

Man 1 - Adrian Jones
Man 2 - Stu Collins
Man 3 - Dave Smith
Man 4 - Chris Magdziarz
Man 5 - Paul Warne
Man 6 - Michael Kurn
Man 7 - Ed Martins
Man 8 - Sam Lee


First of all I must say how much I enjoyed the show – so bright and colourful, with some great songs and dances.

Dawn must be congratulated for achieving such an accomplished production. She had a first rate cast to work with but she really got the very best out of them. It’s a bit of a tongue in cheek show and mustn’t be taken at all seriously, and Dawn encouraged them to bring out every bit of humour – both the sly and the more broad aspects of the comedy.
Bryan was outrageous – some people may think perhaps a little too camp occasionally- but to my mind he didn’t put a foot wrong and the audience were with him all the way. Paul and Sam were excellent together – a very good double act – and Caryn was super. “When You’ve Got It, Flaunt It” was a real “tour de force” – great singing and dancing and all the comedy.

There were some lovely scenes. “In Old Bavaria” was beautifully staged, super singing and movement (especially the pigeons) and the Hop-Clop was a scream. The “Keep it Gay” scene was very well done and Roger’s assistants were great.

The scenery was usually quickly changed – one or two hitches with Max’s office the night I was there – but the cast just ignored it and carried on.

The band played well – sometimes they were a bit too loud – but they were great in the big numbers and John kept them in order!

It was a slick, stylish production. The pace was excellent and the action never dragged. The prolonged applause was well deserved. Congratulations to everyone, cast and the hardworking crew.
Margaret Fields

NODA - Margaret Fields

Southampton Musical Society