Sweet Charity

Cast List

Charity Hope Valentine - Katy Watt
Oscar Lindquist - Dave Brown
Nickie - Ema Carpenter
Helene - Heather Franklin
Herman – Dave Smith
Vittorio Vidal - Adrian Jones
Ursula - Stefanie Radley
Daddy Brubeck - Jon Chalkley

Fan Dango Girls:
Betsy - Fiona Lynn
Rosie - Charlotte Mednick
Carmen - Jo Candeias
Suzanne - Emily Forrester
Frenchy - Claire Meehan

Elliot Broomfield
Zoe Denyer
Sarah Earnshaw
Sarah Grist
Chris Magdziarz
Tom Pell
Richard Waugh
Robert Edge


Coming to the Nuffield and actually being in the auditorium is a strange experience as I am usually (and have been for the last twenty or so years) on the other side. Sweet Charity, based on the film of the same name, is a show that SMS haven't performed since 2002 and it's great to see a society prepared to take on a traditional musical, rather than a more modern "juke box style" show.

A simple set which provided a fixed background was well utilized by the use of an array of props. The orchestra/band led by Rob Jones made a good noise and kept the show going at a fair pace.

Katy Watt was really great as Charity and was very well backed by Heather Franklyn as Helene and Ema Carpenter as Nickie and their interaction (between the three of them) was very enjoyable. Equally, the lovelorn, but ever so weak and wimpy Oscar was played well by Dave Brown. He and Katy built the relationship very well. Also worth a mention here is Adrian Jones as the lothario Vittorio and Stefanie Radley as Ursula - great comic timing between the two of them. Jon Chalkley as Daddy Brubeck opened Act Two with the Rhythm of Life enthusiastically and Dave Smith as Herman sang the very poignant "I always cry at weddings" really well. However, there were times where the sound and lighting were not always as they could have been, and occasionally the lines (so therefore the story) were lost, particularly when the underscore was being played. It also has to be said that (disappointingly) at times the chorus looked under rehearsed and (almost) disengaged, which is a shame. Overall I enjoyed the show. 

NODA - Mark Allen
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