Rock of Ages

Cast List

Drew Boley - Sam Gregory
Sherrie Christian - Natalie Baker
Lonny Barnett - Paul Rogers
Dennis Dupree - Dave Smith
Stacee Jaxx - Jim Smith
Justice Charlier - Ema Carpenter
Hertz Klinemann - Adrian Jones
Franz Klinemann - Stu Collins
Regina - Kimberly Wren
Waitress 1 - Carrie Bellett
Mayor - Sam Hussey
Joey Primo - Ryan Saunders

Jon Chalkley
Dave Brown
Olivia Hodgson
Sammi Gardiner
Danielle Rousell
Karla Brown
Natalie Angell-Collins
Jo Gregory
Katy Stone
Catie Gulvin
Aimee Wright
Clare Earwood
Jess Tyson


Queen's We Will Rock You apart, this  is arguably the best show to see if  you want 'face melting' rock anthems.  The wafer thin plot sees Hollywood hopeful Sherrie Christian and struggling singer/songwriter Drew Boley crossing paths in a Sunset Boulevard night club.

Their on/off relationship forms the main thread of the show and leads Natalie Baker and Sam Gregory at convincingly and sing most impressively, justifying their casting by director Mark Barton Leigh.

Paul Rogers, in particular, and Dave Smith form a fine comedic double-act as narrator Lonny Barnett and club owner Dennis Dupree.  The arrival of fadino Jax-star Stacee Jaxx (Jim Smith) turns Sheree's head but all ends well.

Energetic choreography and a rocking band led by Chris Ball on keys sent the audience home happy and singing.

Daily Echo - Alan Johns
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