Big Screen to Broadway


WHAT an inspired idea to combine popcorn and programme! The audience was certainly excited before the curtain even went up and the atmosphere continued to be lively all evening.

This kind of high energy performance suits this group. There is a wealth of young talent here and it is obvious from the enthusiasm coming across that everyone works terrifically hard, physically and emotionally. It was a pleasure to see the depth of focus which gave a very slick performance. There was no sense of spotting the individuals who seemed out of place because all seemed committed and well within comfort zone.

The choreography, shared between members, was excellent and the group has a depth of talent here. All the numbers looked almost professional at times, helped by great lighting. The sound was a challenge with so many individuals to balance while they were dancing at the same time. Although there were a few uncertain moments near the beginning of the show this improved hugely.

The content of the musical numbers was well selected with a good balance between chorus, solo and ensemble. There was an opportunity for less experienced voices to be heard as well as those we had been entertained by before. I particularly enjoyed the second half, which opened with numbers which really got the audience tapping feet and clapping and the lively atmosphere was maintained with some dramatic and sensitive interludes between the rousing numbers. I loved the Shrek section especially.

This was a great evening's entertainment and everyone involved should be congratulated on a thoroughly enjoyable night out!

Jan French

6th September 2013, Scene One


CO-DIRECTORS Paul Rogers and Stu Collins eschewed the tried-and-tested route of putting on a programme of songs from popular musicals, focusing instead on those produced on the back of successful films.

After a shaky opening version of Nine to Five Wendy Brook, Karla Watkins and Adriana Rogers set a standard that only occasionally dropped below excellent.

Adrian Jones took the honours for some very funny moments with Sam Gregory displaying his wide range of talents.

Emma Giles and Sarah-Louise Ellard, to name just two more, were among a multi-talented troupe of girls who shone.

Caryn Morant can always be relied-upon to bring a touch of class to any show, capping her excellent evening's work with an impassioned solo from Ghost.

Choreography was inventive and well-drilled, costumes varied and attractive, and it was a very enjoyable evening's entertainment.

Oh, and a special mention for the cleverly-constructed popcorn-filled programmes!

Alan Johns

10th September 2013, Daily Echo

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