Jekyll and Hyde

Cast List

Dr Henry Jekyll - John Earwood
Mr Edward Hyde - John Earwood
Lucy - Caryn Morant
Emma Carew - Kimberly Wren
John - Paul Rogers
Sir Danyers Carew - Adrian Jones



Southampton Musical Society pulled out all the stops for their production of this very dramatic musical.

Of course the whole production stands or falls with the portrayal of Jekyll/Hyde and John Earwood was superb in the role, dominating every scene. His singing was faultless and his descent into horror and madness was well portrayed. He was ably supported by Caryn Morant, as the vivacious Lucy. She was great as she entertained the customers at the Red Rat and was also very convincing as her relationship with Jekyll/ Hyde developed. Kimberley Wren sang beautifully as the faithful Emma and was steadfast to the end.
The members of the Board of Governors were well portrayed, and all died horribly. Their murders were a strange mix of terror and a kind of bizarre justice.

Paul Rogers as Dr. Jekylls friend John and Adrian Jones as Sir Danyers Carew worked hard to support the development of the plot.
The chorus were in good voice and the standard of dancing was very high. The choreography in the big numbers, especially at the Red Rat, was excellent and very well executed.

The set was very effective and moved between scenes with the minimum of fuss. I liked the entr’acte music, making the action relatively seamless. The lighting was good, and the audience could see the action even in the dark.

John Sparrow and his excellent orchestra played extremely well but at times it was a bit too loud and it was difficult to hear all the lyrics, especially with the chorus.

Dawn Broomfield and her team must be congratulated for this brilliant production.

NODA - Margaret Fields

Southampton Musical Society