Big Screen to Broadway

Cast List

Natalie Angell-Collins
Wendy Brook
Jon Chalkley
Peter Cole
Stu Collins
Zoe Denyer
Clare Earwood
Sarah-Louise Ellard
Emma Giles
Anna Goodfellow
Jo Gregory
Sam Gregory
Sarah Grist
David Harris
Kelly Harvey
Samual Hussey
Emma Iles
Adrian Jones
Lisa Kennedy
Gemma Laverick
Kate Pearson
Kerry Redding
Adriana Rogers
Paul Rogers
Ryan Saunders
Dave Smith
Olivia Stone
Suzanna Tompkins
Sarah Turner
Paul Warne
Karla Watkins


This compilation show was up to the societies’ very high standard. It was a well thought out programme of numbers from musicals that had started life as films and was an extremely good mix of solo and ensemble selections, lively chorus numbers, comedy and rather more thoughtful music. The choreography was excellent throughout. SMS is blessed with an amazing number of experienced and talented choreographers – I counted eight – and the whole company performed with great skill and enthusiasm. It was good to see so many different styles of dancing, with everything from “Blues Brothers” to the very romantic “Unchained Melody”. The singing was pretty good too. Every member of the company seemed to be a first class singer, whether appearing in the spot light or as a member of an ensemble. Russ Earnshaw, MD, and his team helped the company to produce some excellent part singing. I enjoyed all the sections but one or two stood out. “9 to 5” was a good opening number with Wendy, Karla and Adriana in good voice and Paul and Stu making it so interesting as the rest of the cast made their entrances. “Spamalot” was lovely – clear lyrics, super bright costumes and the cast coming and going with style and confidence. “Sister Act” was a good finish to Act One – the Nuns were bit of a change from the Sound of Music! The “Blues Brothers” was fantastic. Good singing and dancing, but the sheer enthusiasm of the company made it come alive. I loved the “Ghost” section – a favourite film. Caryn almost had me in tears by the end. “Shrek” had the opposite effect. “I’m a Believer” was a super finale to the show, again with such energy and enthusiasm. The costumes were good quality, well designed and made and the lighting was effective against the simple back grounds. Paul Rogers, Stu Collins, Russ Earnshaw and the rest of crew had worked hard to produce such a polished show. The company thoroughly deserved the tremendous applause for the absolute finale of “I’ve Had the Time of my Life”. We’d had a pretty good time too!

NODA - Margaret Fields

Southampton Musical Society